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I need to install an older version of Netflix on my Note 10 but can't do that because it is already installed and when I try to uninstall it, the system doesn't allow me, saying 'can't uninstall system apps' Can someone help please. 
I just he noticed yesterday when I was taking photo of my phone with another camera. The front IR blaster turns on automatically every few seconds like 30 seconds, stay on for about 7-10 seconds and then turn off.It is not visible to naked eye but if...
Hi. I just got S8+ a couple of days back and it has red tint on the sides of the screen. After searching on the Internet came to know that a a lot of other people are also facing this problem. Samsung officially announced it will issue a software upd...
Hi. My hand set is SM-G935FD. I'm facing problem with the mobile data when I use dual Sim. I use 1 Sim for calls and texts while the other for data. But the problem is that mobile data disconnects automatically and then doesn't connect again unless I...