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Why S8 and S8+ are getting the beta testing for oreo update. Why Note8 is not getting any updates. 😭😭
i was asked to give 600INR for the waterproofing tape at one of Samsung service centre. Can some one tell me is it correct or suggest me something better.
im using s7 edge with s8 launcher. i am not able to use the recording feature in game tools. when ever i tap record button game tools button disappears and im not able to use games tools option. and i have to go back to home and re-launch the app/gam...
i am using s7edge and i recently paid 16000Rs to get my phone fixed. Because samsung won't do it under warrenty. 1st i got a faulty sceen which stopped working after a month of purchase and i had to replace it by paying 14000rs its not ever cracked a...
i bought my samsung s7 edge in october. And its 2nd time i am facing problem with this device. The phones battery is getting fatter due to which back cover is coming out. i dont know what to do. last time my screen went off for no reason and i had to...