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It's almost 2 years now and my Samsung Galaxy S8 has worked fine all the time.Since few days I'm having an issue with charging timing.. It isn't being slow but it's sometimes charging rapidly in such a speed which amazes me. The draining of the batte...
It's been 3 hours now I'm using the new android pie on my s8. The phone's running very smoothly, I've got no big issues with the new update.Battery health improved for sure(After enabling Night Mode & Reduce Animation).My phone's looking damn cool no...
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I heard Samsung S8 users are gonna receive the stable one UI Android pie Update Tomorrow (Feb 24). The Beta Users have already received the Update, Now it's time for the non-beta users.But My question remains the same..Is it possible to receive the U...
In my New samsung S8 I'm receiving updates after a Delay. I'm notified about every month's security patches at the end of the month.E.g.I was notified about the January 1 security patch update on January 27.