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Hello. I was just scrolling through the internal storage and saw two suspicious folders there.1. .DataStorage folder (Hidden Folder). Inside the folder there is a file called ContextData.xml and size 213B.2. .UTSystemConfig folder (Hidden Folder). In...
After updating to 2.5, incoming Callers unable to hear my voice. Happening for SIM 2 only. Quickly tapping the speaker button on and off solves the problem sometimes.Anyone facing this issue?Thanks.
After updating to 2.5 I am unable to lock multiple apps in recent menu. It used work fine in version 2.1.In 2.5 once I press the app icon in recent menu the last option is "keep open for quick launching" is there which is same as "lock app" in versio...
Hello. After updating to One UI 2.5 I did a hard reset. Before reset, Google Play System Update version was 1 September 2020. After reset it stuck to May 2020. Checked manually but says it's up to date. Any help why it's happening??? Google Play Stor...
Hello,When I am trying to use S-Pen to swipe next or previous email in Gmail App it's not working.Scrolling up and down works though.Works with other mail apps perfectly.Anyone tried this or facing same issue?Thanks.