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I have purchased my ph... 2 months ago, but I noticed day by day its been legging, example- Navigation bar not properly working, and also phones netive applications not working properly, it has 6/128 ram and 9611 processor, and what about the monthly...
After the long time used my phone j7pro, and it is a great phone I ever had on Samsung "J" series model, and also I am a Samsung lover, and, but Samsung very poor service provid to the customer, I know no more updates for Galaxy j7pro, but security u...
J6 & J7pro both r same processor J6 has a dual volte support but J7pro not support dual volte plz update J7pro for dual volte support we need that...update
J6 new update creat new AR EMOJI and DUAL VOLTE suport Cool🤩🤩😍😍
Can we receive One UI update on j7 pro