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I'am posting geekbench and antutu benchmark after latest Samsung update.Everyone kindly post their benchmark after update for comparison
Have anybody tried sending undecoded audio(true hd or dts hd-ma) to hometheatre receiver in dex mode.I tried enabling the settings in vlc but not working.Anybody done this
How to activate bsnl volte service.When is send an activation message I got a message that my handset is incompatable at present and requested to contact the handset vendor.Anybody successfully activated the service.Or any settings need to be changed...
When playing UHD(3840*2160 @60fps)videos in Dex mode on my windows 10 PC I'am experiencing frame drop.I'am using galaxy s10e.Anybody facing same issue.It plays fine on mobile.
Have anyone tried multichannel audio output using dex cable or dock.Have anyone tried connecting hdmi of Samsung DeX cable to home theatre for playback of multi channel audio.