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When playing UHD(3840*2160 @60fps)videos in Dex mode on my windows 10 PC I'am experiencing frame drop.I'am using galaxy s10e.Anybody facing same issue.It plays fine on mobile.
Have anyone tried multichannel audio output using dex cable or dock.Have anyone tried connecting hdmi of Samsung DeX cable to home theatre for playback of multi channel audio.
After updating to the stable version of android 10 one ui 2.0 my memory card is showing corrupted.Anyone having the same issue.How to fix this.
On updating to beta the play protect certification is showing the device as not certified.Are other users having the same issue.I'am using galaxys10e with android 10 beta ui2.0.kindly check in Google play store under settings-play protect certificati...
The following issues are noticed after android 10 update1.Cannot change bluetooth codec in developer options.2.Power mode throttles 4g download speed.