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▪5.5 sAmoled full hd u notch display ▪64gb/128gb internal memo , 6/8gb gb ram ▪4500 li-ion battery ▪dual 4g active sim ▪Finger print (rear)and face recognisation ▪Rear triple cam 48mp(f/1.7) 8mp 5mp. Steady mode ▪Front cam 16mp(f/1.7) with live focus...
Don’t let Samsung fool you with the marketing hullabaloo: That Infinity-O display on the Galaxy M40 does not offer any meaningful benefit over previous M series phones with their Infinity-V displays. The notch has just turned into a camera hole that’...
Urs m series will be the biggest flop in 2019, who wants look , if that mobile lacks with feature and new processor.U cant give simple smart view in j7 2016. Its shame. U can keep tagline of m series like " cheap mobile with cheap feature "
Cant give a just simple update of smart view in j7 2016.....waiting from 2 years. I just made mistake while buying smartphone , next I will never go with Samsung. Just asking smart view in j7 2016 from Jan 2017 ...its been 2 years, lost hope. All j7 ...
Can any1 tell me, this clock screen appears some times on lock screen in j7 2016 , what exactly is this ????