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On screen time is not even 4-5 hours on normal usage. I also tried following steps to save battery life but that does not even worked. This is very very disappointing. I wasted money on Samsung smartphone. I won't buy Samsung again in my entire life....
Thanks samsung for giving an opportunity once more to join launch event...first note9 and now S10...and for giving Galaxy Earbuds...
Enjoying the event
While I was writing in the description space given in the form I could not write more than 100 words .I think that should not be WORD limit but LETTERS limit.Admin please check the form as I could not write my description even when it's less than 500...
सूचना – दिवाली पर एक ही तिल्ली से 4-5 दीपक ना जलाये इससे पिताजी को शक होने लगता है कि छोरा सिगरेट पीने लगा है जनहित में जारी हैप्पी दिवाली