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Does anybody know if U flex Bluetooth headset can be repaired? My headset has an issue of low volume in left earpiece. I have tried cleaning it and have recovered almost 50% of the sound but it's still not good enough.
Why A70 a so-called mid premium device is getting April security patch instead of June when older phones have got June security patch? This isn't fair . Admins, can you answer?
Can somebody tell me how can I change the default music player app? I have been using Poweramp . Thanks
A strange issue has recently come up in my A70. Whenever I click selfie in wide angle mode the camera stops abruptly and a pop up asks me to close the app or send feedback. What could be the issue? Camera is not saving the image as well.
How do I fix the sound delay in U flex Bluetooth headset while watching videos or while using Facebook and Instagram?