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Kindly include one feature to add alarm/notification for battery levels while charging so i won't have to charge beyond 90% for longer battery life.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the stable update is ready for roll out, why wait till 21st Jan, 2021? Already so many complaints were registered, i suggest that Samsung should fire away with the stable update or release beta 5. Another 1 month of wa...
Instagram, Samsung Members, etc keeps crashing... anyone facing this problem? All apps have been updated from google play and samsung store
My camera seems to focus only at the centre, even when i tap the corner. Color science is like mid-range phone now. Pictures taken with Telephoto lens is also blurry.
To extend battery life is to reduce battery drain in idle mode. One way to notice this is when inbuilt apps like "Google play services" consume only about 0.4% battery. However, with Beta 4 update, actually since 1st Beta, Samsung did not improve thi...