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Is the periscope zoom lens click during broad daylight more grainy compared to the earlier scenario on the s20 ultra? I appear to be facing this issue! Any1 else?
Try a factory reset before checking out the one ui 3.0... This resolves most issues with the beta update.
Can the good old swipe-on-statusbar to control brightness (as seen on the older S2 and S3 devices) be bought back to oneui?
The samsung pay dragger is always at the bottom of the screen.. This kind of is a pain with the new nav gestures. Why not consider giving an option for its position? Like to the sides (like the edge panel)..!
The devices (s20+/ultra and Note20 ultra) nowadays have a pretty big screen with a pretty good resolution. So consider giving options for smaller icon size than what what is available. This would be good as the screen real estate could be put for bet...