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Why Samsung makes one app here , setting in diff app then similar stuff in another app? Why so confused?example: One UI got setting, they make anothrapp in good lock for folder, grid size etc. ? why cant Update the home app ? their basic lock feature...
I got my Samsung note 10 plus , but unfortunately the lock in the setting of home Launcher is just a joke. You can add apps in folder , darg in app drawer .. needs a fix.Also I got miui super wallpaper , all 3rd party launcher supports those live wal...
I found this All icon option is there but no circular option . Why ?
I have enabled the developer option and tried to change the accent colour and icon shape . Colour does not charge at all and icon shape is not changing for defaul Samsung app ? any idea how to d o so? Dont mention theme - they are ugly , inconsistent...
I just got a clear view case for note 8. Is there any option to change the clock type?