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Because Samsung does not know how to understand their own Software, I am in the fix I am today. Three upgrades ago my Phone's Vibration Mode just stopped working. And the following upgrades (including the one I did today 29.11.2022) failed to fix the...
Is there a way I can disable this feature, please?
Will it fix my Phone's Non-Vibration Issue?
Is there any way of Contacting the People who Post Upgrades for Samsung Products, please? I would like my Alarm to Sound even in Mute Mode.  It used to right in the Beginning....Thank You!
My Phone's Information: Samsung A30S Model : SM-A307FN/DS Serial : RZ8MA04WC8Z My Phone's Alarm used to Sound even when it's Muted. Now, since Two Updates or so ago, it does not do so anymore. Can someone help me fix this, please? Thank You. GFRenek...