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This Diwali Just Praying Next Year Will Super Awesomeness Brings 🙏 Covid19 Vaccine As Soon As Possible
Waiting for the light to change from redThinking over all the things you said to meYou said to meAll your dreams are dying in the sunPretty soon there'll be nowhere left to run awayTo run awayYou packed your bags to leave by the morningDestination fa...
New Outhouse Aquarium
A famous man once said, "We create our own demons." Who said that? What does that even mean? Doesn't matter. I said it 'cause he said it. So now, he was famous and that basically getting said by two well-known guys. I don't, uh... I'm gonna start aga...
You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys, but one thing you can't take away - I am Iron Man.