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Why is samsung releasing updates for this **bleep** device The device was performing already bad that now they have increased the charging time. Increased overheating and what not. S20 ultra was my big mistake and will learn from it
Bought the new S20 ultra and I am amazed by the 5000maH battery. Even if samsung uses 10000maH that will be **bleep**. Can you make a random guess and how long does the last 5% last ? Well it doesn't even last 2 minutes. And what about the last 10%, ...
Can't even play pubg at lowest graphics. Had oneplus 6 before which was way better in performance and battery backup. Never gonna buy samsung ever again
I was using oneplus 6 earlier and I can't tell you how much I am repenting for upgrading my phone to s20 ultra. I can't even play pubg at hdr graphics and ultra refresh rate. However I was playing it on oneplus 6 very smoothly. I have to play it on h...