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Yesterday i have exchange my S20 Fire Edition(FE Or Iron Box) to Oneplus 8 Pro S20 Iron box i am purchasing 14/12/2020 but i am loss to sale 25,000 i am not expect from samsung this mobile, Please Chance the Product name S20 Fan Edition to Fire Editi...
Same time not working 120 hz after restarting work for 120hz it's not fan edition lot of bug's i want to exchange the phone Samsung support care, As fan i am not happy is worst performance and heating issues
Very very worst performance for while playing games at same time increase overheating i am not feeling well flagship processer please help me Samsung i need some optimization from Samsung support care i not happy with using exgynos processer. variabl...
My galaxy app show many ads coming it's flagship phone but i have not feeling flagship experience worst processer and also ads is very very irratting me
After oneui 3.0 update I have unable to do the recovery mode please help me check any people you will do the access recovery mode please answer me After automatically restart showing error messages