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Took Samsung SA long enough 
Well, got my S24 Ultra Titanium Gray 512gb and Galaxy Tab S9 FE today. So stoked, going to jeep me busy yhe whole day
Well, the pressure got to me, got tired of Samsung SA and their slowness.Changed my CSC to XSG (United Arab Emirates) and the update came through immediately. And best of all by selecting that csc, I also got the 01 January 2024 Security patch aswell...
Hi all. Who is excited about the s24 range being announced later this month? I really hope some of the remours to be wrong concerning to the CPU. It states only South Korea and USA is getting the Snapdragon. Rest is getting the Samsung processor 
Just a PSA. If you have a samsung with no earphone jack, and cant seem to find a working adapter, check out the Exceed brand at checkers, they have an adaptor for usb type c to audio juck for R60. Bought one and it works quite nicelyCover image