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Just a PSA. If you have a samsung with no earphone jack, and cant seem to find a working adapter, check out the Exceed brand at checkers, they have an adaptor for usb type c to audio juck for R60. Bought one and it works quite nicelyCover image
Hi All. Has anybody had an issue with their S22 Ultra, where if I for example leave my house, the WiFi connection disconnects as it should. But then my phone resorts back to EDGE Network. I then have to switch on Airplane mode and then off again for ...
Hi Guys. I see the Android 13 update is out for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, seems they rolling out these updates much quicker
Guys i just got the update notification.  Busy downloading.  Galaxy s22 Ultra
Has anybody with a Tab A8 recieved android 12 yet? I think they said it should be out in August,  but we're in October already