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I'm looking to buy Buds+. How are they compared to Apple airpods? What's your review? Any disadvantages you faced?
I have placed an order directly on But I haven't recieved any invoice till now. The package has been shipped also. Why shopping on direct company website is such a headache?
How do I encrypt my Samsung S9+ phone? not the SD card. I am able to see option for encrypting SD card but not phone. Any solutions?
Hi,My phone forced me to turn on two factor authentication to use samsung cloud sync.Now, I am unable to use my account. I'm not getting SMS also. It showing "Failed to send SMS". Samsung team, if you are not willing to send SMS, why did you implemen...
The OS became buttery smooth even before format. Now I will format and see will it be better than now or not. I like the new OS. Just let me know if anyone face any issues.