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In A50s "Video Editor" update arrives.Check Galaxy store now.See screen shot.
In quick panel of A50s "VPN by Google one " button arrives.Check button order now.See screen shot.
In A50s there is a problem while using "Samsung shop" app.The app will sign out automatically in "privacy protection " turned on mode.The app will show reluctance to sign in to account of app after privacy protection is turned off afterwards.Causing ...
Samsung mobiles is in the work of a new Samsung M model with 7000mah battery if reports are true.That would be little bit heavy to carry but useful for heavy users.Probably in M42.Let's wait for arrival.
GALAXY A72 coming with 5 rear cameras.Yes ,you heard right.It is the first phone with 5 rear cameras from Samsung.Lauch probably by December or January according to "Beebom".