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I want to know if the watch active 2 can measure spo2 / blood oxygen within the watch or do we need a separate app for it to measure?I have an S10+ which has spo2 reading straight from the samsung health app embedded in the stress measureI know there...
Battery info shows new graph which is impressive. But have got rid of last full charge time i.e. on battery since.
The new update brings lot of good features but there are few which Samsung has removed1. Single tap feature to swipe if turned on it always shows in notification and cannot get rid of it2. Video cannot be recorded in pro mode3. There is no option to ...
I am not able to register for One UI beta program on Samsung members app. Any other option so as to get One UI for Note 9?
The edge lighting doesn't work when used as when screen is off. For example it won't work for WhatsApp notifications, it would only work for phone and messages.