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After the update its so much heating ...even 90 mb game playing also lagging .. network issue as well ..either give us proper update or stop pushing so called update to a50 users u **bleep** company 
After July update A50 gone very bad 1. Litterally it's lag ..lag ..lag ..why people called Samsung is hangsung is tottaly true 2. Network stability is worst now midnight also network problem ..4g plus sighn sometime vanish ..3. Download speed a...
Samsung sucks , samsung A50 sucks is hangsung.. worst mobile for gaming ...I will never buy again samsung ...I raised rupees for future this time I will go for one plus , vivo even redmi but samsung never again  after update its just la...
Really samsung developers need to be fixed This Annoying problems of A50 ..after June huge update I think they resolve the problem ..same thing continues ..Really annoying ...1. Ram management is tottally sucked ..every 5 minute after optimized to cl...
When will Samsung announce the winner of Photography Contest ?