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Samsung please tell the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max pie update released ya not because all Samsung Galaxy j7 max users are patient is over because every company 2 major OS update every phone so you cannot be delivered pie update j7 max. You are most repute...
Samsung does not officially confirm the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max pie update whether it will come or not so customers are the waiting the your official news Samsung please announced the Pie update news I know Samsung are the busy for the providing the an...
Hey Samsung please send official news for this phone not giving to pie update Samsung you are cheats this phone people because every Samsung phone is 2 major update is comes so this product why no giving to pie update 😑😑😑😑
Hey Samsung What are the problem do not roel out pie update J7 Max you are officially announced the every Samsung device can be compulsory 2 major OS conform so how the problem face by J7 Max please Samsung answer the my question and please role out ...