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After one ui 2.5 update the android 10 Navigation gestures of one ui home are so smooth and it also introduces the android 10 gestures support for 3rd party launchers (which is lacked previously),But those gestures are so buggy and so many software g...
For the past two weeks or so I stopped opening the members app , as I fed up with those pinned FE squad ad posts by admins.It's way too far in terms of sharing those thingsNo matter how much by scroll through the feed, it's always a stupid FE squad p...
Some apps like marrow doesn't support Samsung Dex/screen mirroring, Any idea how to solve the issue?
Some apps like marrow doesn't support Samsung Dex/ screen mirroring, any idea about how to solve the issue?
I can't use the android 10 navigation gestures while I'm using the 3rd party launchers like action launcher, while the other mobiles like pixel are supporting it.It **bleep** to use the android 9 gestures with them.