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Samsung should provide apps scroll effect when we scroll left to right and right to left...like oppo and vivo smartphones.
Samsung should provide Overcharging protection support to Galaxy devices in order to welfare of Samsung users as oppo already has provided its users with this support in new comer phone or also in previous phones through update.Try to get the sound t...
When I receive call on WhatsApp using handsfree, I hear other person's voice but he doesn't listen to meWhat is the problem?
Samsung should provide Sheduled Messege service to samsung devices, and if u want also, then rise your voice to Samsung Official by Social Media Sources.....Thanking you in Anticipation.
بنتا ہی نہیں تھا کوئی معیار دوعالماس واسطے بھیجے گئے سرکار دوعالمدلاور علی آذرتما عشاقان رسول صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم کو حضور کی آمد مبارک ہو۔قیک بار درود شریف پڑھ لیجیئے۔❤❤