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Uninstall Snaptube, Vidmate, Tubemate and these types of YouTube unofficial downloading apps because these are not secure they collect your bank details and personal details.سناپٹیوب ، وِڈمٹ ، ٹیوب میٹ اور ان قسم کے یوٹیوب کو غیر سرکاری طور پر ڈاؤن ل...
Only One UI 2.1 users can update this app.
Samsung shift Android 10 update to July for A20. In May they mentioned A20 June but in privious month A30s, A50, A20s & A10s upgraded to Android 10Here is new official list. You can check tbis from Samsung Member app Activity section.
Call recording feature is ban by Google they have imposed this in Android 9 when my Samsung J6 upgraded to Android 9 "Call Recording pro" left call recording when I record call after that when I played Recording it was very noisy. Thats why Call reco...