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Please update your note 9 security patch.Thank you
For GOOD LOCK APPLICATION, find the attached video, please follow simple instructions whatever you seeing in video, it's very simple to active good lock app. in your region. If u like this video plz thumps up. For me it's work perfectly.
Dear All,Need your help to solve this problem is A70 mobile data is not working properly, SIM and settings everthing fine, once screen is off mobile data is gone after restart a70 device that time work normal once screen is off normal calls are comin...
Samsung A70 is better than A50 but I am not seeing anything in DXOMARK for camera.. No updates for A70??? Plz samsung upgrade the software. Do something plzzzzz.
Plz find the attached photo of note 9 camera 8MP setting is missing, i didn't find the 8MP setting in front camera.... anyone knows abt this?????