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I don't know who designed the camera app (Nore9) ,we can't zoom by single hand ,we have to pinch once with other hand first. , What rubbish. There should be slider tool for zoom like note 8 , with soft zoom . I want to know samsung upgrading it's pho...
"Contact" app....What a crap the app is.Everytime it ask me to set a default account to save a contact.. I m fully fed up. Don't know who illiterate or dump people devolving the app. I wrote samsung many times but received computer generated reply .....
Everytime I save a contact note9 ask me to select an account to set as default.and everytime I set my default ac . it happens me everytime when I save a contact..such a irritating
Camera needs to improve a ..difficult to set flash on or off.. it should be able to set by toggle in bottom and modes are at bottom unnecessarily we can change the modes even by swipes the screen..plz update asap.. useless updated by saying...
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