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When Samsung 9611 processor stock will be end? And users can see new smartphone launch with new product processor in budget segment?
Currently huge hype of One plus Z phone with SD 765G Processor. Realme X3 launched with SD 855+ processor in best price range Rs. 25k. I am waiting of Sammy's phone with SD 765 processor in budget price.
What is the main difference between chinies phones and Samsung phones? Best display, camera, powerful charger and best processor in low price things are attract consumers to buy Chinese phones. If Sammy change his strategy and gives powerful processo...
Sammy uses Exynos 9611 processor in most of phones. Exynos 9611 is common for all low & mid range phones. Like M21/M30s / A50s / A51. I don't know why Sammy is using this processor in Rs. 13000 phone and 25000 phone? If Sammy thinks that indian users...
From last 10 years Galaxy S & Note series phone in India uses Samsung exynos processors. Currently Samsung unveil S20 series in India with exynos 990 (No 5G) and in other countries they using SD865 (with 5G) processor. All knows that SD865 is far sup...