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Thankyou everyone for showing love towards Team: Delhi Samaritans we came 2nd in the contest.Congrats to TEAM DOSA KING for wining it 🍾💯
I just updated my mom M30s with the new update, the phone was already working very good and now its been upgraded to my mother is very happy with the update.M30s got the new update 💥
Is there any exchange offer going on with Galacy buds for buds + Can anyone tell me Thanks.
I like to travel alot and recently i moved to city of dreams *Mumbai* and this city is know for Rains, tho i don't like rain much but mumbai has different vibe.Team4: Delhi Samaritans
Because of Covid most of us are at home so i'm mostly on my laptop, watching different shows/films.But right i'm watching Times of Music its one of the best and pure music show i have seen, if you like music you should watch it 💯Team 4: Delhi Samari...