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Guys after waiting a long we got the update this morning ...But even after testing a new firmware the security patch is still March 
 Source @SAMMOBILEI got information from telegram m51 channels that Looks like finally m51 got android 12 in Russia .. Don't know much about it .. And don't know when it will release in India..Hope it may come very soon .. The firmware is available...
Friends :I have little doubts that do ur m51 front camera takes great pictures or not ..Because I have seen many selfies in this community from m51 front camera which are quite good and sharp but personally iam not satisfied with my m51 front camera ...
Dear OneuiCore Users :This is our last chance to reach samsung to give us the features we need before we get oneui4 stable version ..Many will say negative as this is useless and all ..But it's a try and last hope .. it's not very easy to make such a...
 I joined this community in starting of this year ( I think it's on March or april) Within this time , Today I reached EXPERT 5 just because of the cooperation of u friends ..And got many friends here ..It's been very good to be in this community an...