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When Samsung A70 will get one ui 2.5 update because A51 and A71 are getting why not A70 are getting this phone is also leading midranger what the hell Samsung are doing not caring about old 2019 premium Aseries phones no update last update was in jul...
Samsung A70 not getting updates last update was in July security patch what Samsung 2 months no update till now pls release the latest security patch for A70
Samsung A70 when will get latest security patch September update last security patch in July 2 months no updates what Samsung doing pls release the update with Altz Life feature and edge lighting feature added
When Samsung A70 got September security patch because a51 a21s got the update recently a50s also got why not A70 it is also in the list when will get this update in A70
When will be available in india a51 and a21s got the September security patch A70 when will get it Samsung