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Now we can get more reward points with Samsung Pay. I like to make payment here because for sure I will get something. In gpay I only get better luck next time.. my luck is really bad 🤣🤣
Okay I am really frustrated now. Random apps like whatsapp, settings, even calendar is getting closed because of overheat.When I wrote in "get help" Samsung gives full list:1. Close unnecessary apps ✅2. Uninstall unnecessary apps ✅3. Switch off Bluet...
Hi, from last update my phone says overheating and whatsapp and other apps just close because of it.It never happened before this update and phone doesn't seem hot when I touch too. And most problematic is the app just closes.. and call gets cut
I am seeing 2 camera buttons since last update.. on killing and restarting one disappears but appears again later. Pic gets clicked by clicking on either white round buttons.Every time after update something or other happens
So so convenient when doing shopping