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Many times you would be facing this issue.. You want to take selfie and click the shutter button image distorts.. So I present u a simple trick. Go to camera settings  and then to shooting methods.. Choose Show palm. Now when u open the front camera ...
Just received my phone update for June security patch. 
Seems heavy size.. Fingers crossed to see the camera update... 
Recently visited the Samsung shop in Sharjah. Was just curious whats new in the box. Viola now Samsung started to give free charger with new s21 ultra. We early buyers did not get this.! Next time I ll wait for couple of months before buying new Sams...
This is after ten minutes of camera usage. Hopefully the heating issue is fixed now. Thanks Samsung. Now battery temperature stays at 38. Earlier this was crossing 45. Let's monitor for some more days.. Fingers crossed 爛