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Been calling many times with samsung customer supports and almost had enough of taking " we will contact you soon". I had 1 very good CS that answered all the questions directly. No sure why not all CS knows how to fix the issues properly but anyways...
Any body got there Rewards from pre orders already? As i didnt get until now. So its 3 weeks since i got my phone. For samsung care+ doest it expire or limited time to activate it. I still dont have my phone 30days and i dont have samsung care+ activ...
Heads up for s24U users dont buy the s24U shield up casing as its not fit to the phone , its defective and all same . Even the replacement that came was worse. This is just to inform everyone not to make the same mistake i did. 
I came from s20FE and when i first use s24U and compare it to my s20fe the colour is so disappointing , not surr if its only me but s20fe is morr vibrant in resolution/color than the ultra. I feel its washed and i tried to change it to QHD but same g...
Got my pre order earlier than expected thanks to VIP shop, but with the pre ordered Shield case white its disappointing for the Volume Button not clicking (Up button) like its stock and not fitted. Saw it from a video in youtube that they say the shi...