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Is there any possible way to enable "Google discover" on M31? Or some another way to read news on home page.Thank you
There was an update recently, those new features on camera are cool, I'm simply in love with this SINGLE TAKE feature and the approximate charging time indication is more useful. But there is something wrong with my themes button on the homescreen it...
It's almost 2021, and we are using technology for almost every purpose, mostly smartphones to top the spot. Guys, we are the generation and we do stuff.We aren't simply that rich to buy a smart phone and use it to just make phone calls. we guys are s...
I think we need an update on M31.because I've noticed it started to lag or struck or hang and the screen flickered on google app and heating issues and ghost touch and network issues and .....Hope all of them can be resolved.Thank you.
How can we enable fullscreen caller Id or photo when we make calls or receive calls?Please suggest an official or only trusted ways to enable. Thank you.