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My internet is very slow and disconnecting or fluctuating or unstable since yesterday.. I don't know why ? I've had this issue before October update and I almost believed that the network problem has been fixed after the October update. But the netwo...
Are you facing any issues after update? My network connection has improved but there is no carrier aggregation and now my battery is only giving me 10 hours of screen on time, before I used to get like 12 hours to 15 hours of screen in time depending...
I disabled the Google application but it is enabled again and again by its own without my knowledge. It happened 3 times sice I disabled it , why ?
Can anyone explain wht is this app ?Why is it existing ? Why can I only disable it? 
Fix this ASAP!I do not use Facebook and I didn't even install it.But I can see that this Facebook services are running in background with out my notice for so long time? And how do I delete or deactivate this?樂 This is simply stupid to know that why ...