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The most useless feature which exists on galaxy devices, creature collection it says, and this thing exists on game launcher application l. Cover imageWhich is really of no use. 
List of devices eligible and the date of time when they would receive major update 
I was playing bgmi on my F62 and suddenly my device speakers didn't produce any sound although I checked my volume thoroughly... and then all of a sudden there was this beep sound countinouously playing ..I tried opening youtube also it didn't work i...
Hey ..I'm waiting for my visa confirmation phone call.And I don't want to miss the call. And I've been facing some issues regarding network, internet, heating, call connection if I update my device with mobile data or wi-fi.So I've been to the servic...
Experiencing slow charge after update .. Don't know why ? It was working good in summer but the temperatures reduced now I don't know why?