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Why people are not complaining about full fledged pro.mode im camera of m21 And i can't understand that why Samsung didn't give that in last updatedWe know you can't a series features in m series but when you already given pro mode via ota then whats...
12mp m21 with scene optimiser on
1 ultrawide2 live focus3 48mp
When i went to storage analysis it shows videos occupied 13.5 gb but in reality its about 1 gb And system 11.7gb and what is other 2.6 gbI can't understand of videos space and other memory
M21 shows 0 to 100 in 2hr 37min but it took 2hr 45 min Its ok near about same but here we should admit favt that last 20% is more difficult or slow charged as compared to rest of 80%Now I'll check drain out time whether it has increased or decreased ...