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It would make things so much better if themes from the Galaxy Themes store were in sync with night mode. Just a thought.
Scrolling on any web browser on Android is quite simply infuriating, it's a complete nightmare. Constant jerkiness, stuttering and depressing lags, that seem negligent and untidy, at this point. I have no doubt in my mind these flaws are being worked...
On second thought, after taking a day to cool down and come back to my proper senses. I think I might have been a bit too hard on Samsung and the wonderful team of people that work hard to bring users great devices and useful services. Not that my in...
I've had this incredibly promising useful app (Galaxy Labs) and its module (Samsung App Booster) installed on my device, for a little while now, and I honestly do notice a slight improvement in my device's overall performance after running the module...
Updated apk can be found on the Apkmirror website. Works perfectly. 😊