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When i put something to download and locked the phone, it's stops downloading.the downloading stops automatically after i locked the phone.Any solution?
New update in M30s android 10 and one ui 2 is just flawless😍. It works very faster and responsive. Everything just work flawless. i loved it.But something i want in future updates:1. Data cycle should be set to everyday. So that we can set the data ...
I've lost 40% of battery in just 3.15 hours. The october update is really very bad.Samsung #m30s
After updating in October update the battery consumption is increased it drains 10 to 12 percent per hour now. Before the update it was 7 to 8 percent. Hope you will fix this in new updates
I have Galaxy m30s and Every time while opening the camera app with Google assistant it crashes.Does anyone feels the same problem?