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In secure folder Every time the screen turns off automatically and I wake it before locking this happens (in the picture) and I can't get rid of it until I restart the phone. ( Secure folder is set to lock immediately after exit ) For those who didn'...
I use the concert hall effect for music and Dolby for movies and games. So I have to manually change it every time. It would be great if I could set different effects for different apps.
Hey I have set the edge lighting to show when the phone is locked. The app bubble shows at the top of the screen. Is there any way you could move it to the centre ? It would make it more symmetrical.
Not sure if it's just me. But the back gestures feel great because of the curve screen. I can't even put this in words. Its amazing.
I was trying to create a shared notebook a banner appeared saying I need to grant some permission before I creating it. Even after I allowed all the permissions the banner won't go away.