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#InnovationLab1-In the new galaxy store 'UPDATES" opening is very slow so make it faster.2-There is some bug in new galaxy store bcoz it is showing variable number of update at two place.3-Galaxy store prompting me to update some apps which i have al...
#InnovationLab1-Provide Pin/pattern/password option upon hide/unhide and recyclebin button or a private vault option in Gallery and my files app.(Many apps and companies are providing it inbuilt,so knox should not be the excuse)2-Give an option wheat...
#InnovationlabBring in this feature to samsung internet so that an users can see a page according to their preference and availability of their data.Many browsrs have this option.Hope your software team will consider it.
#InnovationLabWe got some useful features after one ui 3 core update(Thanks for that) but some basic and important features are still missing 1-Private vault at gallery and my files app.(option for user wheather they want to put an individual photo/v...
#Innovationlab Data usage section in connection setting needs to be more simpler and user friendly and a daily data usage function should be added at the the status bar.