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S20 FE devices in India started receiving one ui 3.0 updates from December 21st. I got it today through so check your updates manually if it is not popped out automatically. There's lot of improvements and new features listed so adding few screen sho...
Anyone have any information about when the one ui 3.0 is making out to S20 FE. Few websites like android central have full road map but s20 Fe is missing in that list
Hi guys,I notice that when adaptive power saving mode is turned on, and when my phone automatically switches between optimised/high performance modes to medium power saving mode i see that still my screen refresh rate is at 120hz. But when I apply me...
Recently I brought a s20 fe exynos variant, I was using note 8 which is 3 years old now and pretty much excited about everything FE offered( camera, 120hz, battery, ufs 3.1 and much more). But its been a week and I'm getting poor battery performance ...
As per this week's theme, this pic was captured by Galaxy Note8 in our part time residence.The picture is taken in indoor lighting condition and tweaked a little bit.