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Dear team, There is a serious issue with M30s battery charging ....i have did few option ..1. factory Rest .. 2. switched off phone .. 3. USB port option ...4. Changed Charger with other user, who is using same M30s model.....finally nothing works an...
We know the current network situation of 4G in small cities and even in some parts of big cities. Even indoor connectivity is poor. After using M30s I became fan of Samsung. We can see that processor used in m30s supports Carrier Aggregation(4G+ or L...
Samsung where is m30s android10 with one ui 2 not core version 2 mahine ho jaye ge kal wi fi alliance pe certified kiye hue abhi taak nhi realse kiya kya reason hai m30s user plz share your feedback kam se kam 100 fedback share karo tabhi Samsung taa...