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We were told that we would be receiving monthly updates right after the One UI update. Irony is, right after the update, we stopped getting new updates. And Bixby continues to be a waste of space, just that now we can remap it(thank God). AR emoji is...
What is wrong with my battery, it went from 15 to 0(wtf to that) in 15 seconds
few days back I found that my s8 automatically increases the brightness to maximum or minimum without any change in the ambient lighting. I tried that for same light in a room and while using, suddenly the brightness dropped to minimum then after a f...
My s8 shows moisture in charging port now. I tried it with cotton, used silica gel in a closed container to absorb the moisture, but still it shows moisture in charging port. I'm seeing numerous such complaints all over Twitter and YouTube. fix this...
my fast charging is not working all of a sudden, today it said theres water on the charging port. I waited for 1 hour and rebooted it. then the alert went off and I haven't been able to use fast charge. it shows fast charge in the first 3 seconds and...