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I am using a J7 prime, which I bought back in October 2016. I've got last software update in January 2019, till now I haven't got any, am I out of Updates now?
My J7 prime was bought in October 2016, it's been about 4 to 5 months since I've last received a software update; so I wanted to know if my phone will receive any software update or is it over for good. I also wanted to know if I'm going to receive a...
you guys realeased good lock for android 8.0 and up, and we nogut user are missing out! please consider us!!!
I bought a galaxy J7 prime back in September 2016, I am not receiving the regular security updates anymore, is my phone out of software support now? Is there any way by following which I will continue to get updates again?
how to disable UC news from the Internet browser?