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SAMSUNG should tie up other banks as well to offer Similar cashback on new purchases instead just sticking with only HDFC. Even with ICICI you hardly get 1.5k that too on low end phones. More banks means more customers upgrading to latest phones.
Hi in S8 i see other than Samsung or Microsoft no other applications are getting updated. Why is this so? How to resolve?
After 2nd November security update, my s8 is taking more time time to get fully charged and battery gets discharged within 7hrs.With fast charging turned off, s8 should fully charge in 4-5hrs, but it takes more time.
Hi, few sms gets quick response options like call, mark as read,etc.. but for most of other messages I'm not seeing the quick response options from drop down notification. Refer below screenshot.
Hi, I'm Having 2 gmail accounts. I don't want to see contacts stored in my 2nd gmail account to be visible in my device. I have added the 2nd for checking mails and I disabled all sync options except gmail for my device . Plz guide me through.