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So I'm in this constant loop by samsung where it's me complaining about not receiving my free gift voucher. Does anyone know any other email where I can complain to a superior rather then customer support as they just seem to give vague responses lik...
Is anyone else facing these glitches with the new update of 6.1. On one phone I am getting gesture hint option on navigation settings while on the other phone I dont have any such options with both on the latest update. 
As the title suggests, I was unable to properly recieve the call from samsung regaring my reward. They asked for my IMEI but as i did not have my phone with me i was unable to provide it. They said i can call back on the number and when i did, the cu...
So i recently bought 2 new s23 fe through the trade in offer. One was for me while the other was for my mother. My mother got the benefits thing first on her phone and as she is not tech oriented i registered it using my ID number and mail/contact nu...