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J7 Pro/2017 Audio Equaliser Under "Sound Quality and Effects" is Broken After One UI Update. The last two treble controls of the Equaliser (8K and 16K) don't work anymore after the latest One UI update. Decrease/Increase has no effect on the sound. O...
J7 2017 (J730F) got official Pie update with OneUI v1.1 and May security patch two days ago. Quick preview in spanish: https://youtu.be/bu83SOlr4Lk
Please add the option to add multiple custom equalizers in the settings so we can apply different ones for different songs. Currently, only only one custom preset is allowed. It has been the same since the beginning. It's high time Samsung brings thi...
Is the new dark mode feature working on samsung phones? The feature that gets enabled when you send a moon emoji. I tried everything but not working.
And the best battery life award goes to : J7 Pro! 12 Hours of Screen-On-Time! Could probably hit the 13 hrs mark if I go all the way down to 0% battery.The battery was already great on Nougat, But after the recent Oreo update, it's been unbelievable!...