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Why I have 2 Galaxy Store in my phone ? Using Galaxy Note 20. Tried all possible ways but couldn't delete one. Even tried Safe Mode with help from Samsung WhatsApp support. But it's still there. Don't want to reset phone. Any other way out? want to r...
Not able to add SBI Credit Card to Samsung Pay. Error shows "Card not supported". While the list of supported Credit Cards have aupport for SBI Credit Card. Please help or guide.
Samsung updates are way too late and delayed at India. Samsung Pay is not released for Watch Active 2 while its available on Samsung phones in India since long. It doesn't take Govt or regularor approval per say when phones already have it. Why a dif...
The Phone app doesn't show batch count of missed calls. One need to open the app and check Recent call logs. Otherwise it gets missed. Pls activate the app batch count for missed calls.