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Hello guys!I just wanted to share one amazing feature found in Samsung Music app. Whenever I plug my earphones, I get this popup of playing music even when screen is off. I find this feature extremely convenient. This also makes my phone feel a bit m...
I have noticed following changes after installing May Update on my galaxy s9- Toggle to turn off/on for manual rotation in navigation bar- Touch sound changed to 'Tone'- Turning on mobile data shows LTE+ instead of LTE- Regarding battery life, improv...
Just received May Update on my galaxy s9.
Location - NIT Ghat, PatnaShot on Galaxy S9 (Auto mode)
GuysPlease share whether you like your phone with a case on or do you prefer it without one. Or have you applied a skin! Please share your experience in the comments1. I prefer it without a case2. I always use a case (Branded/Unbranded)3. I have appl...