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User Activity but CC in English... very interesting tech behind the cameras. 
Edit: it worked now. Could place my order. Finally. Thnq guys.It's not the question of money, it's the trust. If we could pay 100k for a phone, can't we pay another few thousands for these trinkets? But sorry u lost my trust. 
1 more update for S21 Ultra? Woooaaah.2 in a week is unheard off.Hope all well wid S21 series? 
It's been 3 days since pre ordered phones were delivered. What is ur experience? Here is mine.I moved from Note 9 to S21 ultra. It's a frog leap for me. Big phone, but my hands are huge. Box is really a simple slim affair. When they said easier on th...
U had the best transliteration, but deteriorated 2 updates ago. Pls restore earlier condition. Helps avoid installing 3ed party keyboards.